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The Best Place
to Find

Real Singles!
Our process allows us to get to know our clients. Our clients love the fact that we do all the work for them. They know they will be meeting people that share similar goals, morals and values. Most importantly, they know they are real.
No Online Games!
There are no countless and often pointless emails. No fake profiles. No more emails from people you would never consider dating.
Real Love!
Our process provides the most effective and efficient way for you to meet sincere singles that you want to meet. Most importantly, they are looking for you and want to meet you!
This is the best way to meet real singles, it's not just another online profile. Try the best place to find real singles.

When you are single, meeting someone special who meets your standards can be challenging. Unlike going to the usual hot spots, it doesn't have to be as challenging. Taking these first steps will bring you closer to real singles in your area. Remember, NOTHING good happens in trying to meet the person of your dreams until you are introduced to real singles that are your match. And, once you meet our high quality singles…you will begin to realize you will not only feel more comfortable with the real singles you are dating… but you will ALSO have the foundation for having a truly loving relationship.

We're sure you don't just want another relationship. You want the type of relationship that will last a lifetime and turn into a companionship. So that when you find that special person, your entire life can change...FOREVER!

So take a step for CHANGE today!

Let's face it, you are on this website because you want to change in your dating life. And while altering what your used to is often a frightening concept, let's talk about change for a moment. It was Einstein that said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." We're not trying to tell you your doing something wrong, but we do think it is pointless for you to keep doing the same things you have been doing when they aren't helping you find a real single person that want to date.

Guess what? You're not alone. The conventional ways single people are meeting simply are not working f and or the majority. There is approximately a 50% divorce rate today. (Now that's frightening… and very sad too.) But let's take the other 50% who stay married, what is their secret? How many of those people have good quality relationships? How many of those people have the relationship they dreamed of?

Most single people simply don't know how to find someone truly compatible for them and their personalities. Do you know the old saying "opposites attract?" Well it's absolutely true. But their relationships don't always last! When opposites get together they are often fantastic in the beginning, but they usually have big swings as they are different individuals.

But you can meet someone compatible and experience the exciting relationship you've always dreamed about. And that's where we come in!

We put our 27 years of dating expertise and industry connections to work for you.

Dating has changed dramatically over the past decade. With the boom of the Internet, there has been thousands of online dating profile websites popping-up. They are trying to fill the needs of millions kinds of singles. Unfortunately for most real singles, most of these online dating sites are clueless into what makes a relationship work. Sure they can design pretty web pages and profiles, but they simply have no real world background or experience into the intricacies of building successful relationships.

We're not great at technology, but we know dating and real relationships… At Real Singles Only our leadership has been successfully matching singles since 1982. And over the years our team has been responsible for thousands of successful introductions, matches, and marriages throughout the United States and Canada. And without patting our own back, we're very proud of putting together great real singles that simply would never have met without us. There is nothing that makes us more excited than receiving an ecstatic letter from a couple sharing their happiness for helping them find love. We're even more excited when we open our mail and open up a wedding invitation from a happy couple we introduced. But the real excitement is when we get the baby pictures. Do we love baby pictures. Hey, by now, we surely have some grandchildren out there – and to us it's comforting to know when we do our work right we really are able to make a difference in the relationship world.

Why not be our next real success story?

Look, we understand that no two people are alike and no single dating service is right for every person. That's why we've compiled an experienced team of industry partners throughout North America that can fulfill your unique needs based on you, where you live and what you are looking for. It's that easy. But to find you that special someone we need your help. We need you to take a leap of faith by giving us your name.

Clearly you have dating options. You don't have to give us your contact information. But you should, it won't hurt. Our system can truly help you meet those hard to find real singles that are in demand. You know the one's you really want to meet, but they are often so hard to find. We are not about simply trying to get you dating or rush you into a relationship. We're all about helping you find your real match.

The best dating relationship you have ever had!

You don't have to keep hoping you miraculously bump into your ideal match, you can take an action step right NOW and make sure you are giving yourself the best opportunity to meet the type of person you truly deserve. And here is the best part, you can find out how to finally meet real singles, the one's you simply just aren't meeting on your own or with online profiles, this is RISK FREE. Simply fill out the form below and we'll guide you in the right direction based on you, where you live and what you are looking for. If we have a local relationship specialist that we think can serve you, we'll arrange for you a one-on-one consultation.


There is no obligation and there are no hidden agendas.

We simply want to give you the opportunity to discover that you can find love if you simply start meeting the right type of singles. It will start with a FREE simple phone call. During that time a specialist will find out about you and what you're looking for to see if they might be able to find you the type of person you really want to meet. Most of us go a whole lifetime hoping to meet that right compatible person. Take an action step today. Life is too short to be alone.

The next step is so simple. It only takes a few minutes to take a step in the right direction. Don't leave romance to chance. Get the relationship you truly deserve. Fill out this simple form now!

Real quality singles.
Our effective search and screening process introduces you to quality singles you'd never meet on your own.

No gimmicks. No games.

Forget online chatting.
We're for singles that want to meet someone special and don't have time to waste for dating games.

Date serious singles.
Our members don't just want another date. They are interested in meaningful long-term relationships.